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Vlad-Guitar Teacher

Vlad specializes in teaching electric and acoustic guitar. He has been playing for the last 13 years and teaching for almost 3 years. His performing experience consists of rock/metal gigs with various bands. He has actively worked as a studio engineer, recording and mixing for students. Currently he is learning and writing arrangements for acoustic guitar implying chord melody. Rock/Metal, Fingerstyle and Fusion are some of his main styles that he plays and teaches.


Chris-Guitar Teacher

My name is Chris and I've been playing guitar for 14 years.  I started out taking private lessons and was instantly hooked. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of music with others and exposing students to new techniques and musical concepts.Every individual has his or her own goals that they want to accomplish on the guitar. Some want to learn it all (technique, music theory, etc.) while others would be happy if they could simply learn to play one of their favorite songs. I won't push you to learn anything that isn't essential to your main goals. I want you to enjoy picking up your instrument everyday!

John Astor Guitar Teacher Lessons Skype

John-Guitar Teacher

With over 25 years of teaching the guitar to beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all ages in a wide variety of styles, John adapts the learning process to each student based on  their musical desires and needs. He believes that learning songs is crucial to enjoying the guitar and he makes customized materials to supplement each lesson, You will also learn all the essential concepts for a more complete understanding. He will be available for email questions and offers the first lesson for free. John is a professional musician with 5 CD's and a DVD of beginners guitar.

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Michael-Guitar Teacher

My name is Michael and I am a composer, professional session musician, and professional guitar educator. teach guitar, piano, and drums, as well as a variety of other instruments. If you have any questions about which instruments you want to learn please feel free to contact me. My tactics on guitar education are to make sure that the student is actively involved in their instrument without getting lost on flipping over unturned stones, and to always keep it fun and interesting down the journey as a guitar player.


Brison-Guitar Teacher

My name is Brison. I have 10 years of experience teaching 'shred' style heavy metal guitar (a rather synchronous technical style) and have helped hundreds of students meet their greatest potential.  Professionally, I have done work for two film scores and a few music interview television series’ broadcasts.  I have an advanced educational background in arts and humanities. I am a signed black metal musician/recording artist (that is, I perform everything in the studio). I am here to help you reach your goals at maximum capacity in your guitar educational journey, while also keeping it as fun as possible (no compromises on the technical end). Included with each skype lesson, I will provide short and simple written assignments in order for me to keep track of where you are at.


Aris Lanaridis

Aris-Guitar Teacher

As long as he can remember, Aris has always been next to a guitar. Since then, many pupils have had, beyond doubt and limits, benefited by his impeccable way of teaching the guitar (no doubt about it).

Aris is now proud to announce one-to-one online guitar lessons through Skype. Through the advances of technology it is now possible to have lessons as effective and enjoyable as if you had them in person.






Neven-Guitar Teacher

Neven has played guitar for 20 years and  taught for 9 year. He teachers beginners, intermediate students and upper-intermediate guitar students. Neven specializes in teaching rock, blues, swing, and pop music.



Michael-Guitar Teacher

Michael is a veteran guitar instructor with over 13 years experience. He has taught over 14,000 lessons since 1998 and has helped his students achieve goals such as just playing songs that they like, getting into competitive university level music programs, and even putting their own music on iTunes!  His lessons are completely custom so you will have a lesson plan based largely on your input and skill level.  References are available and you are encouraged to find out what an invested teacher like Michael can do for you.